Are you struggling to find love? 

Are you tired of feeling lonely? 

Are you looking to make a lasting connection?

Hi Ladies! I'm Kerry Brett. And if this describes you, you are not alone. In fact, I was where you are right now until I cracked the code and became a Tinder success story!

So, let me ask you a question,

Would you be ecstatic if you could find love? Because if you found love then that would add value and happiness to your life, which would be amazing! And I can help!

Through trial & error, and many bad dates, I finally cracked the code to online dating success. I figured out:


How dating apps work


How making dating a priority leads to better results


How to get men to chase you

Another thing,

I learned it takes working on yourself to find love. Do you feel there aren't enough good men to choose from? Do you think online dating is a waste of time? Do you give up too quickly?

And, do you find yourself constantly asking these questions:

● How do I maintain the right attitude and mindset?

● Am I even worthy of love?

● What are the mistakes I can avoid?

One more thing,

Do you ever find yourself thinking that dating is challenging? Are you afraid to make your love life a top priority? Do you have a fear of the unknown? Are you afraid of failing? Do you fear getting your heart broken again?

I’m sure you do! 

Well, let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I've been there myself, more than once! 

My guess is you just want to find the answers and the strength to give yourself a fighting chance. And to avoid the setbacks and common mistakes people make when dating. It begins with getting clear about WHO you are looking for and getting clear about dating efficiently.


If this sounds at all like you and your situation, then I'd like to invite you to check out:

"Your Best Shot@Love:

An Online Dating Master Class with Kerry Brett"

You’re going to LOVE this! Here’s a preview of what you’ll get:

The real secret to success for everyone struggling to find love.

Everything you need to produce results in a short time.

How to make an instant connection to get out of pain, stop feeling lonely, and so much more.

Strategies to secure positive feedback from qualified men.

Learn how to stop wasting time with guys who aren't serious about getting serious.

How to eliminate chaos and confusion around dating.

Make everything breeze to become happy because of that love regardless of your previous experience.

Stop getting ghosted, dumped, or heartbroken and get results.

The secret to understanding how a dating app would help you and how to use them.

How to get better results by making dating a priority. And what does that mean?

Get men to chase you

Answers the question "How to become motivated, have the right mindset, and attitude?" once and for all.

Now that’s a tall promise! At this point, you might be asking:

Who is Kerry Brett?

But don't just take my word for it,


Dr. Ann Doggett

Doggett "Venturing into new territory can be scary, especially in the matters of the heart. Kerry's course teaches you how to recognize and honor your emotions while at the same time forging forward. She inspires you with personal stories of perseverance and success as you learn to trust and respect yourself in romance. With the proper tools, dating can be fun to meet people and learn more about yourself. Kerry shows you the how-to's and keeps you laughing with each class. I learned many valuable tips and highly recommend this masterclass."

Erin McDonough

"As an avid listener of Kerry's "Shot at Love" podcast, I decided to attend her Modern Dating Master Class, and I am so glad I did! Kerry's personal story is so relatable and her optimism about the power of online dating – when done right – is infectious! The Modern Dating Master Class provides simple, practical tips and advice about how to manifest your ideal relationship. When my long-term relationship ended, I realized that I didn't know how to date in today's world. A friend encouraged me to try online dating. I remember him asking, "what do you have to lose?". So, I blindly jumped in and quickly realized that the answer was, sadly, "hope." My experience with online dating was such a disaster that I'd given up. Kerry's Master Class helped me realize that there is a wrong way to approach online dating and that my instincts the first time around were all wrong. I encourage anyone sincere about wanting to find their ideal partner to attend this class. Like me, you will be so glad you did!"

Jill Jardine

"I believe we have more than one soulmate in life, and we can find love after loss. After the man's death, who was my emotional support in life, I was disheartened and distrustful of love. But love had other plans for me when a friend suggested I take Kerry Brett's Masterclass. The experience totally transformed me and inspired me to get back on the horse. Kerry's course is revelatory, insightful, uplifting, and fun! Before I knew it, I was back in the saddle again in a new relationship."

“Your Best Shot@Love: An Online Dating Course with Kerry Brett”

  • Nine modules of key information
  • 5 group coaching calls
  • Webinar


And of course, you're fully protected with our

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XO Kerry